New Business Start-Ups

Why do you need a Start up General Counsel?

Airbnb challenged local hotel zoning laws, Uber took on taxi licensing requirements, and Pinterest built a business around posting copyrighted images. Startup companies that simply follow the rules risk getting left behind. The right lawyer can mean the difference between pushing the envelope and breaking the law. Many startups struggle to decide whether and when to hire a lawyer and how to make the most of their in-house attorney once they do.

I am not an engineer, I will leave that to my son…  I won’t reliably produce products on a daily basis, but instead I will provide a strategic, long-term value  focused on smart growth and risk-management.  Things are moving fast… so I say what I think.. and then I go check the facts and report back.

A typical assignment would look something like this…. a business idea confronts the question: how can we do this legally? The answer generally falls into one of several categories: how to protect intellectual property; how to hire, fire, and compensate employees; how to hold regular board meetings and ensure company officials honor their duties to shareholders; how to advertise in compliance with federal rules; how to enter into agreements to partner with other companies; how to maintain user privacy; how to sell things online; how to respond to government requests for user data.

I pride myself on their ability to “get smart fast” on legal issues facing the company. When getting smart fast is either not smart enough or not fast enough, I will act as a savvy procurer of legal services by knowing which lawyer to hire for what and how much to pay.

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