Myers Briggs Personality Type Inventory

As a certified MBTI Administrator since 1997, I have been utilizing personality type in all areas of my consulting and legal practice.  Utilizing type I seek the best way to approach settlement during a mediation, present information to clients, opposing counsel, arbitrators, judges and coworkers.  I incorporate personality type into my training programs as way to understand differences in perceptions of potential sexual harassment, performance issues, and workplace behaviors.  The more we know ourselves, the more we can hope to understand others.

“…the theory is that much seemingly chance variation in human behavior is not due to chance, it is in fact the logical result of a few basic, observable differences in mental functioning.”  Isabel Myers

To learn your personality preferences and receive a full report Click Here to take the MBTI online assessment.  I do not charge for the report, but pass on the $25 report fee that CCP, the exclusive publisher of the MBTI charges us as a certified administrator of the indicator.  In order to get your verified type I recommend that we schedule a time to review and discuss your reported type.  I will review your report and request an adjusted report as determined by our discussion of your best fit type.

To take a free online assessment (no report provided) here are some links to free testing sites:


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