Divorce & Family

New Paths – New Families
Divorce does not need to mean the end of your family and a decline in the quality of your relationships. Your divorce may be inevitable; the conflict in the divorce process may be inevitable; however the pain and suffering inherent during your divorce can be minimized.

Deciding to divorce can be an intensely emotional and stressful time in a person’s life. By assisting couples to create a more collaborative environment, we help families to move beyond divorce and beyond custody.

Better Path – Better Outcomes
ADR professionals help move a couple through this difficult time by facilitating productive and open communication, while allowing the clients to have more control over making decisions. When you choose an ADR process you are pledging not to go to court, agreeing to an open honest exchange of information, and committing to the creation of a viable durable separation agreement. Couples choosing an ADR path to divorce report feeling that their divorce was managed with care and deference, that that they had more control over the difficult decisions, and they were relieved to have less of a financial burden when compared to their friends who chose a more adversarial process.