Conducting an Investigation

Employers have a duty to investigate complaints of wrong doing, and do so fairly.  Conducting a timely, thorough and fair investigation can limit damages or even release a company from liability.

KindtLaw offers neutral third-party investigation when an employer is faced with complaints of complex, workplace misconduct, discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation.  Whether you must go outside the organization or you require a neutral third party for overflow, Kindtlaw offers prompt, knowledgeable, inexpensive and confidential investigative services that are neutral and thorough.  See Kindtlaw’s presentation on how to use personality type in conducting investigations.  We are uniquely qualified to interview, drill down to the essential facts, and establish trust during the process.  See Kindtlaw’s presentation at the 2015 Bench Bar on utilizing MBTI in conducting investigations.

Elements of an Appropriate Investigation

  • Conducted by impartial investigator
  • Designed to ensure all appropriate witnesses are interviewed and all relevant facts are uncovered interviewed and all relevant facts are uncovered
  • Is prompt and thorough
  • Must be well documented
  • Enables the company to draw reasonable conclusions
  • Confidentiality is properly protected to extent possible
  • Results and conclusions communicated to victim and alleged harasser
  • Action taken that is effective to end inappropriate conduct and deter future similar conduct

For assistance in conducting an investigation contact Kindtlaw today, or call the office directly at 215-878-4533.

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